PokerStars X Neymar

Description: After Neymar Jr. became the ambassador for PokerStars, we came up with the idea of a promotion featuring a poker chip customized with his initials. The concept aimed to seamlessly blend poker aesthetics with Neymar’s personal branding. We started with a standard poker chip but gave it sharper edges. Lighting played a crucial role, with a diffused blue sidelight highlighting the edges where Neymar’s logo was prominently displayed.

Details: The promotional campaign extended to include a golden chip, adding an extra layer of exclusivity. The sharp edges and carefully crafted lighting not only emphasized poker elements but also showcased Neymar’s personal brand. The result was a visually striking and memorable promotional item that successfully combined poker aesthetics with Neymar’s ambassadorship.

My Role: This project showcases my ability to merge distinct design elements seamlessly for impactful promotional materials through 3D modeling, material adjustment, and lighting refinement.